• As North America’s premier automation integrator, Bastian Solutions combines scalable technologies to support material handling and supply chain integration. Through our innovative software and custom automation engineering we partner with clients to design a system that provides unique solutions in order to meet their business objectives.

    Working with us is straight forward. We use set evaluation criteria, collect input from all key stakeholders and leverage our broad industry experience and network to marry the right technology with the right strategy.

  • As a member of a strong family of companies, Bastian Solutions and Johnston Equipment complement each other to help create a competitive advantage for our customers to meet any market challenge. Bastian leverages Johnston’s network of service technicians and parts distributors and Bastian helps to provide advanced logistics services. Together we help clients across a broad spectrum of markets become leaders in their industries.

  • Michael Marcotte, PDG


    If you are considering enhancing or changing your operations – optimizing your labor force, improving your distribution center, streamlining your manufacturing processes or implementing a new material handling system, a consulting study is the easiest place to start. The experts at Bastian Solutions and Johnston Equipment research your business extensively and propose solutions with the highest ROI, lowest downtime, and longest sustainability.

  • Systems Integration

    As a systems integrator, we synchronize your most complex systems and technologies. We design, install and commission material handling, order fulfillment and distribution systems by combining equipment, controls and software products into one turnkey solution. In addition to partnering with Johnston Equipment, we seek out expert knowledge in leading technologies for both equipment and information systems to yield proven operational strategies.

  • Goods to Person

    Goods-to-person, also known as GTP, solutions are a modern method of order fulfillment that combines automated storage and retrieval with accurate, ergonomic picking processes. GTP technologies are easily scalable to match increases in SKUs. Whether it is a grid—based storage, shuttles and racking, autonomous vehicles, crane or carousel-based solutions, Bastian Solutions prides itself on its depth of experience in several GTP technologies.

  • Robotics

    Cobots, machine loading and unloading, palletizing and depalletizing, picking, packing and order processing are a few of our more popular use cases for robotic material handling. Each case not only highly increases accuracy and throughput but makes production lines safer. Whether you seek robotic turnkey or custom robotic solutions, Bastian Solutions experts will find the right technology for the highest return on investment.

  • Conveyor

    Versatile and highly configurable, our engineers design conveyor system layouts to maximize floor space for the most efficient transportation, accumulation and sortation needs. Flexible and tailored to your business needs, Bastian Solutions and Johnston Equipment will help you select the right manufacturer and conveyor type for your current conveyor needs, while always keeping modularity in mind for system growth and change.

  • Sortation

    Automate manual sifting, categorizing, separating, dividing and distribution tasks for greater efficiency in your distribution center. Bastian Solutions, together with Johnston Equipment, can perform a system analysis that takes into consideration your facility floor plan, product specifications and year-over-year growth plan projects. Whether robotic, conveyor or other automated sortation we provide clarity of choice for what can be, a very complex workflow.